Saturday, December 9, 2017

Collector Figurine Sketches using Procreate

I love capturing my favorite things ..... figurines, art supplies, stuffed animals, etc.  After bringing these out for the Christmas holidays, I decided to sketch them.

This first group of figurines is from the collection "Sockings"

This is one of a few figurines from the collection "Friends / Friendship"

Both worked in Procreate.  The most challenging with these was coming up with a brush to render "glitter."  I finally figured out how to make a brush tool to do this and was quite pleased with the results.

Sketches Dec 3 and 5, 2017

Most recent journal sketches........

Sunday, Dec 3 from Terry's and my outing on the pontoon boat.  We decided to launch at Lake Eustis in Tavares and try out Dora Canal that connects to Lake Dora.  Once in Lake Dora, we headed over to the lighthouse in Mount Dora.  It was nice seeing this view from the water!!

Handsewn journal (Fabriano) / Pilot Falcon / Lexington Gray ink

Tuesday, Dec 5 from sketch walk outing with the LAL sketchers' group in Mount Dora.  We sat at the park looking across the street at this historical house called the Donnelly House.

Beta journal / Lamy Safari / Lexington Gray ink

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Holiday Wishes

We are well into the Holiday Season now that Halloween and Thanksgiving is behind us which can bring happiness as well as frustration to many if not most folks.

To help in maintaining peace of mind and one's sanity........any Christmas shopping you plan to do........I suggest to do so from home (sorry, local businesses).  

* NO idiot drivers to contend with
* NO parking woes
* NO long lines at the stores
* NO fear of being robbed walking from       stores to car (or vice versa)
* NO people looking for money at every       store entrance
* NO grumpy rude people to endure

I prefer to be a hermit this time of year because of all the things just mentioned and stay put in the SAFETY of my home!!! 

Here's wishing for you all a safe, fun, stress free, healthy, 
2017 Holiday Season. 

Holiday card created with Procreate sketching of one of my vintage snow people.

I'm Sure You Can Relate from Time to Time

This came about just playing with a brush tool and color and took a shape of its own which remarkably looks like my profile pulled back and all.  As I saw the shape come alive and how I was feeling with my head "splitting", I ended up with what you see here. 

I deal with headaches on a daily basis (or nearly every day) and have since I was a teen.  I've been checked for various things and nothing really stands out as the major cause.  I was told it could be any of what's mentioned in the border or a combination.  My dad had the same problem to include what's called cluster headaches.  That's not something I've been diagnosed with.......thank goodness. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

My Missed Hummingbird Friends

One of the things I miss most about living in central Florida is not seeing hummingbirds.  In three years I've seen a stray or two but nothing like what we had living in West Virginia. 

We had so many and spent long hours enjoying their antics as they flew around (to include our heads up under our covered porch) or fought off others over feeders.  I even had one sit on my finger and feed from a bottle cap held in my experience I'll never forget.

The other side of that in Florida I do enjoy other birds like the cranes that visit our yard daily and other birds we never saw up north.  I am still amazed by the size of the cranes.

Here is my latest procreate color sketch to kick off the month of December.  I may not get the opportunity to watch these guys now but at least I can sketch and paint them. 

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